Common Nails for Cement Building

Hebei Clavos, Common Nails Manufacturer and Exporter in China

Located in North China, Clavos supplies full options of common steel wire nailing products for building of masonry, cement, brick, stone, concrete, metal and wooden constructions.

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As building materials hardware, Clavos steel nails according to applications, can be classified into Roofing Nails, Finishing Nails, Framing Nails, Boat Construction Nails, Drywall Screw Nails, Carpentry Nails, Cement Building Nails, Masonry Nails, Scaffolding Nails and more. The nailing fasteners are widely used for fastening, siding, crating, casing, stapling, screwing, framing, finishing and construction of various materials and structures. Since 2005, we have been exporting to many countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Established manufacturer and exporter of common construction nails. 

General Information of Clavos Common Nails: 
Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel
Caps Types: Small, brad, clout, umbrella, round flat, duplex head, special
Shank Types: Ring shank, smooth, twisted, thread, special cut
Finishes: Silver bright, polished, zinc plated hot dipped, electro galvanized, copper plated, brass plated, phoshorate bronzed, special

Major Products:

Hard, Strong and Durable Black Steel Common Nails for Cement Wall and Mortar Construction

Shank types applied for cement nails are: Smooth, twisted, grooved shank. Head: Flat head, round head. Shank diameter: 1.8mm-8mm; Head diameter: 2mm-10mm


Paper Tape, Plastic Strip and Steel Wire Coiled Collated Nails for Pneumatic Nailing Guns:

Steel nails are supplied in bulk loose and collated coils. Collated nails are mainly used for industrial continuousCopper Nails Coiled Form operation building works with nailing guns saving labor and time. Clavos supplies three collating styles:
Paper strip or paper tape collated nails;
Plastic strip collated nails;
Wire coiled nails.

Clavos exports collated nails for casing, framing and drywall fastening uses. One of the typical product is Galvanized Steel Wire Collated Coils Nails Applied for Roofing Constructions. Collated Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel 304 Ring 16-Degree Wire Coil Fastener for Roof Fastening. Other degree of collating angles are also supplied. Finishes can be shiny silver bright, electro galvanized, yellow brass coated or stainless steel plain. 

Black Hardened Steel Concrete Nails for Construction Export to Dubai and Other Countries

Galvanized steel plain shank concrete nails with countersunk head made of 45# carbon steel wire rod
Caps: countersunk head
Finish: black finished
Point: Diamond Point
Shank: Plain shank
Other forms supplied.

Brick and Concrete Construction Nails FastenersGalvanized Carbon Steel Masonry Nails for Cement Building Constructions

Bending - resistance and anti - extension steel nails for masonry buildings: Masonry nails are ued for fastening to brick, stone, or reinforced concrete. Also called cement nails. Can be supplied with washers. Masonry nails (cement nails ) have high surface hardness and good toughness in use. The fasteners are stainless steel or zinc plated galvanized steel with good anti corrosion and anti craking properties. The Header Punch design permits production of special nails like D head nails, Larger Head (clout) nails.

Duplex Nails / Scaffolding Construction Nails

Hard metal steel nails with doubleheads, also called Duplex Nails. Double Head Steel NailsUsed to build scaffolding, scenery, and other temporary structures. This type of nail is driven to the first head and the second nail is used later to pull it out. Steel duplex nails are strong, not easy to rust, can be used without drilling hole in common wall construction. Popular Shank Diameter: 0.9-6.0mm, head Diameter : 2.0-12mm, nail length:10-200mm. Custom size available.

Brad Nails for Wooden Furniture Interior Finishing Nails

Collated Finishing Nails with small head, also called Brad Nails. Small cap brad nails are great for finishing jobs because they can be fully driven into the surface and painted over. Supplied in collated form for nailing gun uses.

Carpentry Nails

Upholstery Finishing Nails, Decorative Nails Brass Plated for Carpentry Decoration Uses

Pneumatic Strip Brad Nails are mainly used in decoration industry or carpentry nailing plywood, wood slice, strong wood slice or planks.

Self Taping Roofing Nails Drywall Collated Screws

Plastic strip collated self-tapping nailing screws. Bulge head Philips drive screw type are popular…

Galvanized Roofing Wire Collated Nails Galvanized Roofing Wire Collated Nails

15 Degree Screw Shank Bright Common Wire Coiled Roofing Nails for asphalt shingle fastening.

Floor Fasteners Plastic Strip Collated Framing Nails

Strip collated framing nails are nailer nails designed to use with all standard nailing guns. 21 Degree Round Head Plastic Strip Collated Framing Nails designed for flooring and wall….

Masonry and Cement Building Nails Masonry and Cement Building Nails

Hardened Steel Cut Masonry Nails are used to attach hardwood materials to fresh cement.

Common Steel Scaffold Construction Nails Common Steel Construction Nails

Common nails used for construction of scaffolding, scenery, and other temporary structures.

Square Shank Boat Construction Nails Square Shank Boat Construction Nails

Suitable for wooden boat and ship constructions as well as various wooden structures panels fixing.

Black Steel Concrete Nails Concrete Nails

Clavos supplies concrete construction nails galvanized steel corrosion resisted or phosphated.

Carpentry Nails Interior Construction Fastener Nails

Finishing nails are popularly used for interior construction of buildings.

Roofing Nails Roofing Nails

Galvanised steel wire nails designed with umbrella head are widely used as roofing nails in forms of coiled nails and bulk loose nail screws.

We also supply:

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Cement Nails
Square Shank Wooden Boat Construction Nails
Wood Finishing Nails, for Furniture and Wooden Casing
Loop Building Nails
304 Stainless Steel Nails suitable for decking, siding and flooring uses
Copper and Phosphate Bronzed Steel Nails
Barbed Nails